Alternative Work Schedules for Staff



Departments may also consider alternative work schedules for staff in order to maintain an appropriate density of staff in one workspace at a time. Options include working remotely, alternating days for departmental staff to report to work on campus, a compressed work week, and staggered reporting and departure times for staff to reduce traffic in common workspaces/employee areas. Supervisors will communicate with staff in their department respectively if a decision is made to implement one or more of these options. Some staff may continue to work remotely as their role allows, possibly beyond the planned reopening of campus in the fall. Alternate work arrangement determinations for Faculty will be made by the Provost.

Remote work

The extension of remote work in partial or full days/weeks for those employee’s that have demonstrated the ability to perform productively at home.

Alternate – Day Arrangements

Partial on-site staffing arrangements on alternating days (e.g., half of staff in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and half in the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.)

Compressed Work Week

The ability to work a traditional 40-hour week over a shorter period of working days may also be an option for consideration by supervisors and department leaders. A common arrangement currently being utilized on campus is four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days.

Staggered Shifts

Establish varying start and end times. The staggered work times reduces office density throughout the day.

Guidance for Parents of School-Aged Children or Caregivers

If a childcare issue is preventing an employee from being able to report to work on campus an alternative work arrangement might work. Please contact Human Resources if the employee is unable to perform their work or the role is not conducive to utilizing any of the alternative work arrangements to discuss other options that may be available.

Contact Human Resources if caring for a family member who is ill or at high risk for COVID-19 makes it difficult to perform work or the role is not conducive to utilizing any of the alternative work arrangements. Human Resources can discuss eligibility criteria for Family Medical Leave (FMLA) and provide guidance for any medical documentation required.