Student Employment

Please keep in mind that these FAQ’s should be read with the understanding that student workers should not be hired to perform tasks that replace the work of College staff.

All student workers holding a job physically in campus offices, and their supervisors, will need to be aware of and follow campus safety requirements (including wearing masks and social distancing), when working on campus. Students and their supervisors should also consider whether a job can be performed remotely (subject to the limitations below), to reduce workplace density.

If a student employee’s work location changes, what should I do?

Please contact Student Employment immediately at with the new location of the job, as this could impact the ability to continue performing the work.

Can I hire an international student to work remotely outside of the United States?

No. We are unable to hire students to work remotely in foreign locations, due to the tax complexities associated with complying with employment tax laws in each of those countries.

Can I hire an international student who is living on campus or in Ohio, but who has never held an on-campus job and does not have a social security number?

Maybe. A social security number (or proof of a pending application) is required to be hired by the College. Currently, applying for a social security number is an “in-person” service that is being offered, by appointment only, as the Social Security Administration Offices are currently not open to the public. Students should reach out to the Office of International Student Services for assistance in obtaining an appointment at the Social Security Office Once confirmation of the application for a SSN is received by Student Employment, the hiring process can move forward.

Can I hire a student (domestic or international), who is studying remotely, living in the U.S., but not in Ohio?

Maybe. The hiring of a student to work remotely outside of Ohio will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Approval by the appropriate Cabinet leader will be required. Student Employment and Payroll are trying to balance the needs of the College and our students while complying with the tax complexities associated with other states’ taxation laws.

Can I work in the community as part of my student work?

Maybe. Currently, we are not supporting in-person community work by our students. This will be reviewed throughout the fall semester. Community remote work or on-campus work will be approved.

Can I hire a student to work on campus that has never had a job with the college?

Yes. Due to the government becoming temporarily more lenient on accepting copies of I-9 documents, because of COVID, students are able to scan completed paperwork and necessary documents to

Please note: Any student hired to work cannot begin a job and will not be able to input hours worked in ScotWeb until the student and the approving supervisors receive an “all clear for work” e-mail from Student Employment. If a student begins working before the necessary paperwork is processed, the College can be fined.