Housing and Dining


Most students will live on campus in the housing assignments they selected last year. Shared spaces and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized frequently. Students who have questions about housing should contact reslife@wooster.edu.

To provide additional flexibility for students, we have made three temporary exceptions to our usual residential life policy for the fall 2020 semester. First, students who live within commuting distance (defined as 40 miles) of the College are permitted to live at home while attending classes on campus if they wish to do so. Second, students who wish to make a request to live off campus in Wooster, based on a documented health concern may petition to do so through the ADA accommodation process at the learning center. Finally, students for whom returning to campus this fall is difficult, either for health, visa or other reasons, may study remotely.

Students Seeking Accommodations

Students who potentially need new housing/dining accommodations due to COVID-19 related health concerns, should visit this page and fill out the appropriate forms. Please note: Students will be required to submit medical documentation from a licensed medical professional in order to be consider for any new housing/dining accommodations. We will be maintaining a waitlist and we will do our best to assign rooms as they become available.


We will be adjusting the ways that dining works so that our dining options keep everyone safe, and meet the requirements of social distancing. Examples of ways we can do this include spreading out hours, scheduling dining times, providing more easy grab-and-go options for all meals, and creating new circulation through Lowry.

Housing & Dining FAQ's

Will on-campus students be required to have a dining plan? 

Yes, as always, students will be required to have a meal plan. Campus Dining is working hard to provide the variety of dining options that they always have. There probably will not be as many opportunities to cook in the residence hall kitchens due to social distancing and other restrictions in common spaces. 

Will we be going to all singles?

No, we are making certain accommodations for students with documented medical needs, but the public health guidance does not suggest that moving to singles is necessary.

Will there be accommodations for triples, singles, etc.?

We know that in many cases your roommates are your friends. They will be treated as a family unit.

Will students still be able to gather in languages suites?

Students will continue to live in Luce in the language suites and in-person gatherings can continue if social distancing rules can be followed. Depending on the situation with visas for international scholars as well as airline flight ability, it is possible that some of our language assistants may be working remotely and will lead virtual events for students.

How will we fulfill the obligations of living in service houses?

Students will still be able to be engaged with supporting organizations but it will look different in order to ensure safety for all involved (options may include working remote, outdoors, or in less dense settings). Students are asked to stay on campus, except for any medical or other critical necessities. Community engagement and service-house projects need to take place remotely only. 

Can I leave campus for an off-campus job?

Students with off-campus employment are asked to make alternative arrangements until September 7, or contact the Dean of Students’ Office at dos@wooster.edu if this creates a hardship.

With Grab and Go, will there be options for dining restrictions for faith practices and allergies?

Yes, that is a commitment that we make dining work for everybody.

Will all on campus food options still be available?

Yes, however, they may work in a slightly different way. If a lot of people need grab and go that might change the way Old Main and Knowlton Cafe approaches their menus.

Will work-out machines still be available? The track? Will we have to wear masks in the building?

The Scot Center will be available, but students will need to book a time to use the weight rooms and other fitness spaces to ensure spaces are always sanitized and capacity is limited. Masks will be required.