Move-In & Item Retrieval Procedures & Semester Closing Dates

The following information is for students who have questions about retrieving items from campus, the move-in process in January, and end of Spring semester closing dates.

Students Not Returning to Campus in Spring and Have Items on Campus:

Retrieval of Items:

If you wish to come to campus to get your items, you will be able to do so Monday through Saturday from 9 – 5 pm. You will need to send a message to Security and Protective Services no later than 2 hours before you arrive on campus so that you can be given access to your space.

Here are some quick reminders about coming to campus to get items:

  • You will be given 1 hour to get your items out of your space.
  • Only the students will be granted access to the residential setting.
    • Since we still have students living on campus, we are not allowing guests to enter our residential spaces.
  • We ask that when entering the space, you follow all of our safety guidelines.
    • Remain masked when not in your residential room.
    • Maintain social distance from others when outside of your room.
    • Wash your hands regularly

Students wishing to do this must pick up their items no later than January 9, 2021.

Unable to Retrieve Items

Students may request that items remaining on campus be shipped or stored.

To support students to get their items, we have set up an agreement with Celina Moving and Storage. You will need to communicate with Celina directly using the following form. Students will be responsible for all the costs. Students wishing to take advantage of this must complete the following form.

Students wishing to take part in this process must be in contact with Celina by January 3, 2021.

Students Returning to Campus in the Spring:

You will be getting more information about the pre-testing process before you arrive on campus. Please make sure that you follow the instructions provided. We ask that after you complete your test that you limit your interactions with others and do not travel outside of that needed to arrive on campus.

Students who come back to campus in the spring will be required to go directly to Campus Access (located in the Security building) between 8 am and 11 pm on the day of your registered move in date. Students will be asked to fill out a simple form to provide information to Campus Access upon Check in.

Some key points about move-in:

  • Only students will be allowed in the halls. Any student who needs physical assistance moving in, should contact our office. New transfer students and first-year students who were not on campus last semester will be given a 2-hour window for one guest to assist them with moving in their items.
  • Please be sure to bring to campus only what you can move in on your own. Students should be able to easily pack up their room if students need to leave campus unexpectedly. 
  • Resident Assistants are also arriving on January 16th for Spring Semester. Please extend some patience to them as they get settled as well.

Students who had items stored with The College during Spring Semester 20 and they remain in Storage

  • Students who stored items with The College last Spring and then were remote learning in the fall, will find their items in their Spring Semester housing assignment.
  • Those students who will not be returning for Spring Semester, but still have items stored by the College will get additional outreach about your items in January.

Spring Hall Closing Information

Due to the changes in the College’s academic calendar, the dates for closing will be different than those stated in your original Housing and Dining Agreement. The Residence Hall and House closing dates are as follows:

Everyone except Graduating Seniors: 10 am on the day after finals are completed, May 6,

Graduating Seniors: 10 am on the day after the commencement, May 10.