Move-Out Procedures

Spring Hall Closing Information

Due to the changes in the College’s academic calendar, the dates for closing will be different than those stated in your original Housing and Dining Agreement. The Residence Hall and House closing dates are as follows:

Everyone except Graduating Seniors: 10 a.m. on the day after finals are completed, May 6, 2021. There will not be options for Late Stay this year so all students who are not approved to graduate should make plans to leave before this time. 

Graduating Seniors: 8 p.m., Saturday, May 8, 2021.

Only students will be allowed in the halls during Move Out. More Information will be coming out soon about resources and support available to students to help moving out their items.

How to Check Out of Campus Housing

  • Complete the express check-out online.
    • Students will log into The Housing Director Self-Service
    • Scroll to the bottom to the section labeled “Begin Express Checkout Process”
    • Agree to the “Express Check-Out Agreement”
  • Return hard keys. If you live in a place that has hard keys please return those to Campus Access in Culbertson/Slater Complex (602 East Wayne Ave. Wooster, OH 44691). Please remember that the key replacement charge is approximately $150 per key.

Requirements for Check Out 

Before you leave you need to complete the following:

  • Attend hall meeting regarding closing information.
  • NOTICE: Students who stay past the posted time of move-out may be assessed a $100 late check-out fee.
  • Remove all items from the room.
  • Remove all personal belongings from common areas.
  • CLEAN—the room/house must be in the condition it was at moved in. 
    - Wipe off desks, dressers, tables, countertops, and vanities.
    - Empty and wipe out all drawers.
    - Empty all trash cans and recycling bins.
    - Take all trash and place in the dumpster located closest to your Residence Hall or House.  Please see the grid below for dumpster locations. Place all recycling in the appropriate bins.
    - Remove all posters, tape, and decorations, including anything on windows.
  • Un-bunk or un-loft beds and un-stack all furniture.  If you have an adjustable bed, the top hook of the bed frame should be set on the 5th rung from the bottom. Beds that are left un-lofted will be subject to a $25 charge. If you need assistance, contact a Residence Life staff member.
  • DO NOT repair any damages to College property—this must be done by the Service Center staff.
  • Resolve any damage issues between roommates. Unless an individual accepts responsibility in writing on the check-out form or is found responsible via a judicial hearing, all persons in the living environment will be held responsible. Individuals can claim responsibility for damages by emailing Residence Life from their email.
  • Check out – see checkout information below.
  • Turn in your assigned hard key(s) to Campus Access in Culbertson-Slater Complex (COW Cards DO NOT need to be turned in). If a student does not return their key, they will be charged $150 to replace both the key(s) for that lock and the core. 

Dumpster Locations

Delivery Date Building Location Address
4/5/2021 Brush Hall 534 E. University S
4/19/2021 Luce Hall 977 Beall Ave
4/19/2021 Gault Schoolhouse 716 Beall Ave
4/19/2021 Scot Cottage 902 Beall Ave
4/20/2021 Compton House 816 College Ave
4/20/2021 Kenarden 1209 N. Bever St
4/20/2021 Andrews Hall 1307 N. Bever St
4/21/2021 Douglass Hall 475 E. Wayne Ave
4/21/2021 Bissman Hall 1330 Beall Ave
4/21/2021 Bornhuetter Hall 1406 Beall Ave
4/22/2021 Kennedy Apt 1433 Beall Ave
4/22/2021 Fairlawn Apt 1025 E. Wayne Ave
4/22/2021 Kittridge Hall 535 E. Wayne Ave
4/23/2021 Babcock Hall 1315 Beall Ave
4/23/2021 Frye House 966 Spink St


Celina Moving & Storage in partnership with The College of Wooster have worked together to discount the pricing of the Summer Storage Program for you! Along with the discounted per item storage solutions, we are now offering delivery of your items to your assigned dorm room before returning to school. Please take the time to look over the new and improved program and get signed up! 

To get started with the College of Wooster’s Summer Storage program please look over the Program Overview Page.  

Be sure to take the time and sign up before Wednesday, April 28th to ensure your spot using the Online Registration Form. 


The College of Wooster Post Office will provide USPS mail forwarding as a courtesy for all first class domestic mail. First class USPS mail, presorted first class mail and periodicals are forward-able. All packages from non-USPS carriers are refused if a student is not on campus. Please email if you would like your mail forwarded. 

Transportation to Airport

Quality Shuttle Services
Phone: 888-477-8254
Call for current rates to: Cleveland and Akron/Canton Airports
All major credit cards accepted

Wooster Hospitality Transit
Phone: 330-601-1616

Wooster Express (local)
Phone: 330-202-9000
Call for current rates; Discount for CoW students

Miller Cab (local)
Phone: 330-262-8294 
Call for current rates to: Cleveland Airport, Akron/Canton Airport

First Class Limos, Inc.
Phone: 1-888-51-LIMOS (54667)
Call for current rates to: Cleveland, Akron, Columbus

Baron's Bus Lines
Phone: 888-378-3823 or 216-337-7047

Jim Fraley
Phone: 330-466-2810
Call for current rates. CASH ONLY