Move-Out Support Resources

Support Resources

The following resources are available to students who are planning to leave campus before the end of the fall semester. 


Students who wish to be tested prior to departing campus may do so by sending an email to Keep in mind that you will need to select from a list of available testing times so accessing testing immediately will not be possible. Results typically return anywhere from 48-72 hours. As a reminder, COVID-19 tests provide a “point in time” result. No test can guarantee that you do not carry an illness when you arrive home.  This is because every test has some cases which it can not detect (due to low levels of virus, for example), and one can be infected between the time of the test and returning home.  For that reason, careful quarantine is the best approach to going home safely.

Guidance if you travel home:  It is best practice that you quarantine for 14 days after returning home. That means staying at home, wearing a mask at all times (even with your family) and keeping distance from other members of your household.  If you need to share a car with someone to drive home, be sure that both people are masked for the entire time, and sit as far from one another as possible.  Set the vents open to ensure plenty of fresh air circulation in the vehicle.

Travel Support

Travel support is available for students with difficult financial circumstances who wish to leave campus and are in need of financial support for travel expenses. Click here request travel support.

Emergency Funding

Emergency funding is available for students with immediate needs or students who are unable to leave campus to attend their off-campus jobs. Click here to request emergency funding.

Technology Support

If you do not have a working laptop or have other technology needs with the switch to remote instruction, please complete this form to request technology support. We have a notebook computer program for students. If you have questions about home Internet services, please email Technology Services and they can assist.

Student Employment

The College will continue to pay all students whose jobs can be done remotely. If your student employment requires working in person, your supervisor will work with you to see if there is a way to temporarily convert it to remote work. If it is not possible for a student to work remotely, scheduled work-study hours and work hours of international students that are part of their financial aid package will still be paid.  

Counseling Resources

If you are currently working with a counselor from the Wellness Center, they will stay in contact with you to provide support if you leave campus.

Counseling with Provider off campus

There are providers in the community (and within the state) that are accessible via telehealth.  Please be aware that you will be responsible for the cost of these services. You can use this link to find a provider that your insurance will cover.  If you don’t have insurance, you may want to connect with providers who work on a sliding scale fee which allows for you to pay at a rate based on your income.  The Counseling Center of Wayne and Holmes Counties is a local agency that provides this option. You can find additional local mental health providers on our Counseling Services website.    

Let’s Talk campus drop-in consultations

Let’s Talk—a drop-in, consultation service for students.  This program gives students access to counselors for a 15-min meeting to get some help with a specific problem and learn about additional resources available.  This program is confidential and free and is available on a first-come, first serve basis. A counselor is available on Mondays from 10am-12pm; Tuesdays from 10–12pm; Wednesdays from 3-5pm and Thursdays from 2-4pm.  Let’s Talk meetings happen via Microsoft Teams and you can sign up using this link for bookings.

Self-Guided Resources

You may find some helpful suggestions on our website and specifically Things To Do While Waiting to Talk to a Counselor.  These are some good suggestions to promote overall wellness. 

You can also access resources and helpful content to support your success and engagement on campus (and beyond) through our program, YOU@WOOSTER. This platform is free, confidential, and accessible 24/7 via your phone, tablet, and/or computer.  Simply sign in with your Wooster email address, create a password and you are ready to explore.  Mental Health & COVID-19 is a great article providing specific action points to take to support your well-being during this time.

Crisis Support Resources

You may also find the following confidential resources for crisis situations helpful to you (whether you are on or off campus):

  • National Crisis Line:  1-800-272-TALK
  • Local Crisis Line: 330-264-9029
  • Crisis Text Line: Send the text message “4hope” to 741-741.

Accessing Library Materials Remotely

We are working with HathiTrust to activate access to our collections digitally, but not everything we own is in their digital collection. Please go to, login (select The College of Wooster under "T" alphabetically, then you will be prompted to enter your username which is your email address up to the @ and then the password you use for your email to authenticate you).  Switch it to Title search and type in your title.  If you see "full view," it means it is a public domain item and you can view it whether under temporary access or not.  If it is in copyright, but held digitally by HathiTrust, then temporary access will be listed and you can view it online (and we cannot circulate the physical volume).  If you see no results or a record with no digital access, then go to the library's catalog (CONSORT) call up the record and place a request for the item. will contact you when it is ready for pick up.

For those able to travel back to campus, we will continue to offer Library TakeOut of non-digitally available library physical items. Books may be returned in the Book Drop to the left of the Andrews Library West Entrance Doors at any time.

Unlike in the Spring when other libraries also closed, this is not the case this Fall. Other libraries are not closed, so borrowing is still active.  Requests placed for CONSORT Libraries (besides our own), OhioLINK, and ILL are being honored and we will let requesters know when items arrive to arrange for pick up.

We encourage all to refer to our LibGuide on access to our resources Fall 2020 Libraries Guide and it will be kept current.

While students are remote, the library faculty and staff are working.  Contact us for research help ( and your librarian liaison for instruction Subject Librarians, and for questions about circulation,  General library questions may be addressed to