Independent Study Turnins & Celebration

Follow these instructions for how to turn in your IS, including changes to the IS submission process that have been implemented for this semester to comply with public health guidance.

Tootsie Roll IS Monday

After turning in your I.S., we would like to capture this major achievement! Please book a time for you and up to nine friends to celebrate your I.S. turn with a dedicated Tootsie Roll photoshoot! The photographer will be waiting for you at the Arch! But first drop by the Dean of Students' Office in Galpin Hall to checkout an inflatable Tootsie Roll and your very own I.S. Celebration in a Bag! For students studying off campus, your Celebration package will be sent to your home address. 

I.S. Deadlines to Know

  • March 22 at 5:00 p.m. This is the “official” I.S. Monday and is the original deadline for Spring 2021.
  • March 29 at 5:00 p.m. A one-week grace period has been granted to the Class of 2021. IS Projects turned in before this date and time will be accepted without penalty.
  • No late submissions after March 29 will be accepted without explicit permission from the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement. To petition for an extension, complete the Petition for an Exception to an Academic Policy form.

IS Submission Process


SEND the final electronic copy (PDF) of your I.S. project to the Registrar via email ( and COPY your I.S. advisor(s). Paper documents cannot be accepted this year.

The Registrar will respond to verify receipt and let you know your I.S. number!   

STEP 2 (same due date – see above)

Submit your IS to Open Works.  This will be the archival copy that will remain in Wooster’s digital collection and be available to College of Wooster users except in special circumstances, such as embargo. Some ISs are selected by their Department or Program to be listed as exemplars available to all visitors—in fact, some have been downloaded thousands of times from locations all over the world!  Please be assured though, Open Works administrators will seek your written permission before making any of your work public or sharing it with researchers beyond the College.  

Here is what you will need for your submission:

  • Your name as you would like it to appear in the database
  • Your IS title
  • Your student ID #
  • The name of your department(s)
  • Your advisor’s name
  • PDF of your full IS and any additional files you'd like to include (such as research data)
  • You are also strongly encouraged to provide the following so that visitors can learn more about your work and so that your IS is found in relevant searches: 
    • Summary/Abstract of ~250 words. You may use the abstract required within your discipline (if applicable), but this is also an opportunity to provide a brief description of your IS for a broader audience. Consider answering the following questions: 
      • How would you sum up your I.S. project to someone outside your discipline?
      • What interests or excites you about the research or project you’re doing? 
      • What conclusions were you able to draw and/or what are the next steps you could see for this type of research? 
    • Keywords. Keywords should set your IS apart from the other works in the repository. What is the specific subject of your work? Avoid overly broad keywords such as “College of Wooster.”
    • Photos (optional). Include a headshot or photo of you doing research and/or photos from your research. 

The direct link to the Open Works submission page is: and detailed instructions are here: 

If you have any questions about this digital submission process, please email