11th Weekly Campus Public Health Update

Dear Students, Colleagues, and Families,

I write with our eleventh campus health update.  Today, we are again reporting good campus public health, with a total of three positive results among 1,246 COVID tests, or a positivity rate of 0.24%.  We are also excited to see the increasing access to vaccines, and that many in our community are choosing to get vaccinated to protect themselves and others.  Of 755 students responding to our survey yesterday about vaccine access, 79% reported that they had already taken action to sign up for a vaccination, and over 30% had already had their first dose. 

Even as we see these positive developments, though, we are also aware that the number of COVID cases is increasing – across the US and in Ohio.   The CDC reports that those increases have two causes – more transmissible variants of the virus, and decreased attention to the actions that protect everyone, especially masking and keeping distance.  We have four and half weeks remaining in the semester, with many activities planned that mean so much to members of our community.  To bring the semester to a safe conclusion, and to enable all the wonderful events we have planned – including commencement – we need everyone to redouble their public health efforts, and be diligent about masking and distancing.  Your dedication has brought us through the semester strong so far, and I know we can keep that going, together.

My thanks for your extraordinary commitment and care for one another and for this community.

All my very best,
President Bolton