Campus Life

What will students’ free time look like?

The Wooster campus will continue to be vibrant with lots of activity. Students can look forward to building relationships with people across campus (you will still be dining with friends, meeting with staff, having meetings with other faculty who might not be instructing a course). Students will be able to enjoy our spaces to work together while still maintaining social distance practices. We are working to put together clear guidelines for how our students can continue to have fun and enjoy life on campus in the midst of COVID-19. 

Are we working to create an informational campaign for students on campus? 

Before students come to campus, we will be sharing educational information to ensure everyone understands how to stay safe and protect the safety of others. When students, faculty and staff arrive to campus we will have safety signage that will help us understand some of the measures necessary to maintain the health and safety of campus. We will be involving Scot Council and other leaders so students can help us design messages, etc.

Will music groups be able to participate as usual?

We want to do everything possible to preserve the activity of our musical groups. We are waiting for findings from the University of Colorado COVID-19 singing study to come out later this summer and will make the best decisions regarding the safety of our performers based on those findings. The department is also seeking alternatives to live performance that are meaningful, artistic, and engaging for ensemble members and for the community. We will not plan any live choral performances for the fall semester. We are currently evaluating whether instrumental groups could practice and perform outside.

Will I be able to access other residence halls and academic buildings?

Your card will provide access only to your housing assignment/building, the buildings where you have classes, the libraries, and other buildings with dining and other student services.

Will Student Organizations be permitted to continue to meet and program?

With testing and other safety protocols in place, we expect that a vibrant community life will be able to continue safely, with student organizations continuing their meetings. Gatherings will need to observe social distancing requirements (6 feet distance between people, and masks) if they take place in person. We will also provide support to groups that wish to meet remotely instead.

When will we know more about fall athletic schedules?

Athletics is an important part of life at Wooster for many students. Coaches and administrators are working with partners in the NCAC and NCAA to identify safe ways for student-athletes to train and compete this fall. We expect to have more definitive information from our conference by mid-July.