Student Employment

Will I still be able to do internships, practica, and other applied learning experiences?

In most cases, yes! Our faculty and staff are working with our partners (i.e. Wooster Public School System, Wooster Community Hospital) to allow either for safe experiences in off-campus spaces or for virtual experiences depending on both our partners’ needs and best student learning experiences. There may be a small number of programs that we will not be able to run because they can’t be run virtually and are not safe to do in person.

Can I still work my off-campus job? 

We understand those jobs are important. We expect that work will continue with some symptom monitoring required of the student. 

Will work study still be available at Wooster? 

Yes, work study and other on campus jobs will continue to be available. 

Will students be able to work on campus if they are living remotely in the fall outside the U.S.? 

A combination of factors will go into this decision, including whether the job is able to be performed remotely, your visa status, and whether or not you have a Social Security number. Any student studying remotely and is interested in on-campus employment, should be in contact with the Student Employment Office. International students should consult with International Student Services at