Community Care Guidelines for Students

Campus Community Care Guidelines

As part of the Community Care Agreement, students agreed to “Abide by any additional expectations for campus life that the College will provide over time, based on evolving public health guidance.”

These shared responsibilities are required of the Wooster community and have been reinforced through subsequent campus health and safety updates. We ask that students abide by any additional expectations for campus life that the College will provide over time, based on evolving public health guidance. Areas marked by an asterisk are addressed in the agreement.

Face Masks 

All students are required to wear a mask and maintain distance, whether you are on or off campus (9/10 from President Bolton). This includes, wearing a face mask whenever you are outside of your specific housing assignment/room in lounges, bathrooms, laundry rooms, the libraries, Lowry, and all academic spacesunless in a situation where going without a mask has been explicitly permitted by College officials because of other health protocols in place*. In other words, all indoor spaces that are not your room (“Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations” email 8/28).

You must wear your mask outside as well if you are near any other human. If you can visually observe another human you must wear a mask outside. You do not need to wear a mask when exercising by yourself outdoors (“Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations” email 8/28).

Maintaining Six Feet Distance 

Maintain six-foot distance when outside of your housing assignment.* 

You can only have two on-campus guests per resident in your room assuming you can still wear masks and maintain six feet distance. For example, a room with two roommates can have six people total, assuming there is enough space for you to all have your masks on and stay six feet apart (“Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations” email 8/28)

COVID-19 Testing 

Participate in regular COVID-19 testing provided by the College.* 

Follow reporting, monitoring, contact tracing and isolation/quarantining procedures as directed by health care professionals if you become ill or are in contact with someone who is ill.* 

If you are awaiting your test results, you have been asked to minimize your contact with others as much as possible until your negative results are communicated to you. That means keeping to your rooms as much as possible and leaving only for necessities such as picking up food to-go from Lowry Dining Hall (“Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations” email 8/28).

Regular Handwashing and Sanitization of Shared Spaces 

Take part in germ prevention strategies, including regular handwashing for at least 20 seconds, proper sneeze and cough etiquette, sanitizing of workspaces to prepare for the next person.* 

Daily Symptom Screening 

Participate in the daily symptom screening program.* 

Students will take their temperature each day, and monitor themselves for any other symptoms, reporting them on our symptom app (Changes to the Fall 2020 plan 8/5).

You are required to take your temperature each day using the thermometer provided during move-in or your own, and monitor yourself for any other symptoms, reporting them on our Scots Daily Health Check. An email is sent to you daily at 7 a.m. from If you need a thermometer please contact the Dean of Students’ Office (“Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations” email 8/28).

Limit In-Person Social Gatherings to 10 People 

No social gatherings of more than 10 people. While classes and other College-sponsored events may occur through exemptions, they follow strict safety guidelines. No social gatherings may have more than 10. Social gatherings are informal get-togethers not organized by College officials.

Off-Campus Visitors 

No off-campus visitors are allowed inside any on-campus buildings (Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations 8/28) 

For those of you who have visitors to campus, you may meet with them outdoors, but they are not allowed to be inside campus buildings, with the exception of Lowry for the purposes of using the post office and/or the bookstore. (“Follow-up to Thursday's campus update” 9/11) 

Admissions visitors make quick visits to some campus buildings while accompanied by Admissions staff or tour guides. Visitors do not  residential floors.

Traveling Off-Campus 

Because students are living in a congregate setting, travel beyond Wooster, overnight travel, and travel to any event at which more than 20 people are expected are still not permitted unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you have an immediate and emergency need to leave campus overnight or beyond Wooster you may request to do so through the Dean of Students’ Office by completing the following form (“Follow-up to Thursday's campus update” 9/11).

Per the travel advisory from the Ohio Department of Health, students coming from areas identified by the State of Ohio as hot spots (positivity rate of 15% or greater) will be required to quarantine in an individual space with a single bathroom, provided by the College, until their tests are returned within 36-48 hours. (Changes to the Fall 2020 plan 8/5).

Violations of our Community Care Agreement and Conduct Process 

Violations of the Community Care Agreement will be promptly responded to by Student Rights and Responsibilities. The first violation will garner an Official Written Warning. Any second violation will result in further loss of on-campus privileges, up to and including loss of on-campus housing requiring you to study remotely for the semester. (Clarification of Campus Quarantine and Public Health Expectations email 8/28) 

Closing Dates

The Residence Halls and Houses will be closing for the fall term on Wednesday, November 25 at 10 a.m.

If you need to stay after this time you will need to apply to remain on campus. Students who fall under the following specific categories will be able to petition to stay on campus after Thanksgiving:

  • Independent students who do not have a family home to go to.
  • Students whose personal safety would be compromised if they went to their place of residence.
  • Health-related concerns/documented accommodations that make travel difficult (e.g., the student already is immunocompromised and unnecessary exposure via airline travel would be more dangerous).
  • International students who need to stay in the U.S. through the year

When a decision is made about Winter Sports, athletes who need to remain on campus for this timeframe will be given additional information.

Exit Plan

While we are putting precautions in place for a safe fall semester, there is a chance that we may need to ask students to leave campus at some point if health conditions worsen. We would encourage all students to think about a plan on how to leave campus with all of their belongings, if necessary.

Students will need to apply to stay on campus, using the criteria above, if we need to make such a decision.