Travel, Visitors & Events

A major part of our planning for a safe fall includes limiting the number of visitors coming onto campus and reducing travel of students, staff and faculty, especially on public transportation.

At present, all visitors to campus must wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines. We expect that policy to be maintained into the fall.

We will maintain a comprehensive travel policy and campus visitor guidelines, based on current public health guidance and will provide more details soon.


Can parents visit students on campus at any point?

We are working on our visitor policy. We are working with our local public health experts to be sure we maintain the expectations around six feet distancing and masks.


Will we have commencement?

Yes! We have time to plan and set up in advance for the details no matter what we face. 

Policy for outside for event hosting

Travel Policy

Are we going to allow students to come home and return?

We are continuing to work out these plans right now, including the level of risk involved in travelling to certain destinations and what would be required when students return to campus.

Policy for fall term travel.