Although the library has served as a repository for archival materials for many years, an official archives was not established until Fall 1992, when the president approved a collection development policy statement that outlined the ways in which the library would begin to actively acquire, process, and preserve archival materials. This collection includes materials generated by the campus community that help to document the history of the college and its role in the surrounding community. Materials include college publications, personal narratives, memorabilia, and oral histories. The archives collects information related to the history of the buildings and grounds, college traditions, organizations, presidents, faculty, and trustees. Alumni Relations collects information related to specific students.

Building and Grounds

This includes publications generated by campus departments, faculty, students, and organizations. These publications help us to document both the academic endeavors and the social events that have gone hand-in-hand since the first class entered the college in September 1870. Archival reference work almost always begins with these publications. They chronicle the liberal arts experience that is The College of Wooster.

Student publications have been a part of campus life for decades. While many publications come and go, such as “Che” and “The Shaft” — two short-lived publications of the 1960s — the college yearbook, “The Index,” and the college newspaper, “The Wooster Voice,” came into existence almost at the inception of the college.

The college alumni magazine, “Wooster,” and its precursors, including the early “Post-Graduate and Wooster Quarterly,” have long published articles on alumni activity and faculty research.