College of Wooster Alumni Board StoryCorp

College of Wooster Alumni Board StoryCorp Team

150 Voices

Team members: Sam Carlson, Sarah Torio, Ronnie Wright 

Faculty advisor: Dr. Richard Figge, Emeritus

Project Description: For this project, we produced, wrote, and edited over 50 interviews for podcasts lasting 3-12 minutes long. To produce these casts, we contacted hundreds of alumni and faculty and staff. In interviews we asked a general set of questions while having specific questions designed for each one of our interviewees. We edited out the “fat” and kept the “meatier” parts of the interviews. The results of these methods gave us 76 interviewees, and over 90 podcasts with thought provoking answers and heart felt responses. The original name of the project, The College of Wooster Alumni Board Storycorps AMRE project, was changed to Project 150 (Pronounced: Project one-fifty).