Experiential Learning APEX

APEX Application System

Experiential Learning APEX Team

Team: Miquilina Anagbah (Ashesi '19), Jemal Jemal '20, Katie Reese '20, Scott Stoudt '19

Advisors: Cathy McConnell (APEX) and Nathan Sommer (Computer Science)

The purpose of this project was to understand the problems of the APEX Fellowship application system and design and implement a system that was streamlined and simplified for both APEX EL and students as well. The team carried out research and the final proposed product was Formstack (an online form-builder that is easily customizable and user-friendly),together with a PDF Merger web application (developed by the computer programmers on the team). This web application allows APEX EL to easily generate master PDFs of all the submitted applicant’s information and documents for review by external officers. The team conducted evaluation on the Fellowship application by sending questionnaires to APEX fellows and some faculty to identify redundant steps and reduce the complexity of the process.