Adaptive Sports Program of Ohio


Identifying future resources for funding and creating a strategic development plan for the advancement of the sports program to reduce health inequity and disparities among individuals with disabilities

Team:  Jordan Griffith '19 and Annabelle Hopkins '19

Advisor: Angie Bos (APEX, Political Science)

In year two of the AMRE social science focuses project, the Adaptive Sports of Ohio (ASPO) team was one of three teams that researched topics related to social science. For this project, the team was tasked with finding policy solutions for ASPO that would provide their organization with additional public funding options that would allow them to scale up their programming across the state. As part of this project, the Team looked into a variety of state laws and funding sources that ASPO could use to get more funding. The biggest source the team looked into was Ohio Revised Code 4511.69 that allows for fifty percent of the fine paid for parking in a handicapped spot to be redistributed to organizations and public entities that would assist citizens with disabilities. The team then looked to use this law statewide to funnel the funds generated to ASPO. The team assembled a database of Ohio municipal courts, cold called the different courts, and generated a report of how much revenue could be gathered from a change in the law. The team also looked into other funding sources from the Ohio Lottery Fund, the BMV, and the Ohio Department of Education. The team then presented a comprehensive report on funding sources to Senator Frank LaRose and Representative Scott Wiggam. By the end of their time working for AMRE, this team constructed an official report, containing a recommendation that ASPO receive a line item in the Ohio biannual budget.