The College of Wooster Calculus Labs

Calculus Labs Team

Curricular Resource Study

Team: James Ma ’19, Julia Brooks ’19, Dylan Orris ’19

 Advisors: Rob Kelvey (Mathematics) and Jen Bowen (Mathematics)

Abstract:  The goal of this project was to both find a lower cost alternative to the current textbook in use in Calculus courses at the College, as well as to revise, and for Calculus I and II, replace the aging Maple labs. The team researched textbooks and reached a consensus to recommend Openstax Calculus first and foremost, with secondary recommendations of three other books. After revising Maple labs for Linear Algebra and Calculus III, the team found an online course software, Ximera, and in addition to lab handouts, created online labs for Calculus I and II.