College of Wooster - Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning Team

Student activity data for experiential and student affairs assessment

Team members: JoJo Tang, Jena Styka, Lissette Torres

Faculty advisors: Dr. John Ramsay (EL) and Missy Schen (Assessment)

Project Description: The Experiential Learning team was tasked with three deliverables to help The College of Wooster rethink the way experiential learning (EL) is talked about and assessed on campus.  First, we created a common definition of EL, which we hope will help unite the College in thinking about EL as a campus-wide goal.  Second, we developed a framework for the College to use to talk about an EL experience and to assess the value it has on student development.  Lastly, we investigated how the College could track student involvement in co-curriculars.  These deliverables can help the College improve EL on campus, as well as help with student development, marketing, retention, and alumni engagement.