The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company - OTR

Good Year OTR Team

OTR Mine Site Severity Index

Team Members:  Jacob Denbeaux, Colby Jeffries, Robin Morillo, Rahab Wangari

Faculty Advisors: Drew Pasteur and Robert Wooster (Math)

Project Description: The goal of this project was to build an off the road (OTR) tire performance prediction model. Because OTR tires are expensive, Goodyear wanted to know how well tires will perform at a particular mine site before selling them to the mine site owners. The AMRE team received 6 data sets containing GPS data from various mine sites as well as supplemental information about the mine sites. The final result of this project was a mine site analysis tool with a built-in prediction model created by the team. The mine site analysis tool helps the company compare tire performance in different mines, predict tire performance in future mine sites, and visualize the GPS data in new and useful ways.