The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company - Retread

Good Year Retread Team

Manufacturing Footprint vs. Market Share Optimization

Team members: Makafui Fie, Brian Foley, Nan Jiang, Yunjia Zeng

Faculty advisors: Jennifer Bowen and Matt Moynihan (Math)

Project Description: The goal of our project is to summarize, classify, and visualize all the data files that The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company provided in May 2016, in order to help them with their retread business. We were given several Microsoft Excel files containing data about Goodyear owned and Goodyear authorized retreading plants. We were also given some competitor data, and a sample of truck fleet data in Florida.

Our project has two main deliverables:

A web application that reads data from files and projects the data onto a map. The map must be interactive, easy to use, and show data in such a way that conclusions can be easily drawn from the map.

A database in Microsoft Access that contains all of the original data provided, which is organized and easy to maintain, and fits the structure of Goodyear’s data.