Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance Team

Competitor Analysis

Team members: Gina Lam, Ayeley Commodore Mensah, Tyson Vogel, Claire Vu

Faculty advisors: John Ramsay and Ronda Kirsch (Math)

Project Description: Progressive Insurance’s Competitive Intelligence (CI) Team was interested in exploring how competitive their 2015 auto insurance quotes were against four particular competitors. The College of Wooster AMRE Team was provided with four main competitor .csv files along with 6 additional .csv files which included: Coverage Response Table 1, Coverage Response Table 2, Driver Table, Vehicle Table, Violation Table and Quomation Violation Table. In addition to those ten files, the team was provided with a glossary that listed all of the variables contained in each file along with instructions for merging each file. Various forms of analysis were used to evaluate Progressive’s competitiveness:

  • Logistic regression
  • Multivariate head to head analysis
  • Variation of winning percentage by area or over time
  • Performance vs. multiple carriers
  • Quote mix

Each of these methods offered different insight into Progressive’s competitiveness and the variables that had an effect on it.