Progressive Insurance

Progessive Team

Competitor Pricing Investigation

Team: Cynthia Gouanfo (Ashesi ’18), Maggie Sestito ’19,  Shuwen Pang ’18, David Wolshire ’18

Advisors: John Ramsay (Mathematics) and Rob Kelvey (Mathematics)

Abstract: A large insurance company was interested in determining what variables can predict or determine the sale of insurance policies. The College of Wooster AMRE Team was given three data sets to merge, clean, and analyze. In addition to those files, the team was provided with a glossary that listed all the variable’s descriptions.

Analysis Methods included:

  • Frequency Tables
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Logistic Regressions
  • Binary Classification Trees
  • Clustering

The team found a number of variables that influenced the sale of policies and provided the company with suggestions for further analysis.