College of Wooster - Retention

Retention Team

Predicting Retention: Systematic Approach to Assessing Student Retention Probability

Team members: Jack Marousek, Abbey Partika, Unnati Singhania

Faculty advisor: Dr. Brian Karazsia (Academic Advising & Psychology)

Project Description: The AMRE Retention team worked to identify variables that could improve retention prediction at The College of Wooster. A mixed method approach was used which included conducting a literature search and having departmental meetings. They recommended that the College switch to a mechanical or systematic method of predicting retention instead of a clinical approach attributed, which is prone to human error. Non-academic predictor variables were the focus of the report which was backed by empirical data. The report also contained a series of measurements for the variables.  These measurements can be implemented in the future to collect accurate data and generate a systematic equation in to predict the likelihood of a student leaving the College before graduation.