Tizzano Museum Digital History

Tizzano Museum Team

Digital Archiving for Online Museum

Team members: Anna Claspy, Theresa Dunn, Heather Smith

Faculty advisors: Katie Holt and Madonna Hettinger, History

Project Description: Dr. Anthony Tizzano, an Ob/Gyn for the Cleveland Clinic, owns a collection of over 2400 gynecological and obstetrical antiques. He hopes to bring this collection to a wider audience and provide a resource for the history of women’s health. Dr. Tizzano hired a research team with digital history expertise to help organize and curate a digital museum to display his collection. For a nominal fee, site visitors can download high-resolution PowerPoint slides for lectures or personal use. Dr. Tizzano provided us with PowerPoint files from which we created individual PowerPoint presentation files for each object. SquareSpace provided a user-friendly platform on which we could easily create click-through pages and add images. On SquareSpace, we created section and subsection pages for the collections. We created product pages to display individual objects and allow patrons to click for further information. Interested patrons can choose to “Add to Cart,” which allows them to purchase a PowerPoint presentation that includes more information on the object, access to the image, and references. Drawing on our experience with multimedia composition, we took on an additional project of creating e-books that patrons can purchase for a higher price, but with more content and information.