Community Transportation

Transportation Team

Feasibility Study

Team: Mary Cotter ’20, Shana Zelenka ’19, Pedro Oliboni ’20, Anna Addei (Ashesi ’17)

Advisors: Vikki Briggs (APEX) and Nate Addington (APEX)

Abstract: Traditionally, AMRE projects have been based in math and computer science; however the Community Transportation project was one of three projects completed in 2017 to be focused on social services. The Community Transportation team worked for seven clients with varying perspectives and goals for the project, including Wayne Economic Development Council, The Fund for Our Economic Future, and Job and Family Services, to generate interactive maps using ARCGis software, and to propose a spectrum of possible transportation systems for Wayne County. The Community Transportation team generated a final report and proposal which highlighted case studies of transportation systems across the United States, possible options for funding, stories of community members who struggle with transportation, and the Team’s proposed systems, among other topics. Additionally, a guide as to how to use mapping web applications created by the team was attached to the final report. The Community Transportation team presented on the following systems: four fixed routes generated by the team, a vanpool program, a paratransit system, and Liberty Mobility (an on-demand system managed by a private entity). Within minutes of the conclusion of the team’s final presentation, the stakeholders decided to submit an application of interest to Liberty Mobility.