Geology Tree Ring

Using Tree Rings to Date Historical Structures and Extract Climate Information from Old Growth Forests

Geology Tree Ring Team

Team:  Kendra Devereux '21, Alexis Lanier '20, Juwan Shabazz '19

Advisors:  Greg Wiles and Nick Wiesenberg (Geology)

This AMRE project was a unique addition to the program as it was the first time that AMRE worked in collaboration with the Earth Sciences Department. The team used data collected from living trees to update local chronologies and date historical structures. Throughout the course of the program, they worked with a multitude of clients, including David Burke of Holden Arboretum and Ray Leisy, project manager of Sonnenberg village. The team primarily focused on coring living trees and measuring their ring widths in order to update living tree chronologies and analyze past climate data throughout northeast Ohio. Throughout the program, the team interpreted their data to compose multiple reports for their clients and will present their findings at a nationwide geological conference in the fall.