Services & Expertise

Management Solutions

Production scheduling, inventory management, forecasting, lot sizing analysis, job scheduling, network and work flow analysis

Data Analysis

Statistical analysis, abc analysis, regression modeling, simulation, probability modeling, artificial neural networks, data mining, genetic algorithms

Computer and Information Systems

Software development, system design, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, data mininig, database development, web/database solutions, simulation, 3D graphical modeling

Engineering and Design

Mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, systems analysis, process optimization, control theory, dynamical systems, Monte Carlo simulation

Assessment and Evaluation

Computational Science

AMRE Faculty Advisors

  • Peter Abramo, PhD - Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Jennifer Bowen, PhD - Mathematics
  • James Burnell, PhD - Economics
  • Denise Byrnes, PhD - Computer Science
  • James Hartman, PhD - Mathematics, MS - Statistics
  • Michelle Johnson, PhD - Communications
  • Susan Lehman, PhD - Physics
  • R. Drew Pasteur, PhD - Applied Mathematics
  • Pamela Pierce, PhD - Mathematics
  • John Ramsay, PhD - Mathematics and Operations Research (minor)
  • Sarah Sobeck, PhD - Chemistry
  • Sofia Visa, PhD - Computer Science
  • Robert Wooster, PhD - Mathematics