Tuition & Fees

College of Wooster
Fee Schedule
Semester I
Base Fees
Due August 10, 2021
Semester II
Base Fees
Due January 10, 2022
Total 2021-22
Base Fees
Tuition and Fees $27,750 $27,750 $55,500*
Room (multiple) $3,175 $3,175 $6,350
Board $3,375 $3,375 $6,750
Comprehensive Fee $34,300 $34,300 $68,600

*Tuition $55,050, On-Campus Medical Service Fee $280, Student Activity Fee $170. Tuition per credit hour $1,720.31.

Other Estimated Expenses

Students should also anticipate out-of-pocket costs for books, supplies and personal expenses of $1,500 to $2,000 and varying amounts for travel. These costs will vary by student and will not be billed on the student account invoice.

Private Music Lessons

With respect to private music lessons, a fee of $680 is charged for fourteen weekly one-half hour lessons per semester, regardless of whether the lessons are taken for credit or audit. This fee is reduced to $25, however, for: (a) lessons in the primary instrument or voice required of declared music majors in all music degree programs, or (b) lessons required of Music Performance Scholarship winners regardless of class year or major, or (c) lessons covered by a (lesson) scholarship given to the student by the Scot Band or Wooster Symphony Orchestra.

Tuition Refund Insurance

As a supplement to the college refund policy, we are pleased to provide an optional insurance program, the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP). The College of Wooster has partnered with A.W.G Dewar to provide tuition insurance for our students.

The TRP expands the scope of our own refund policy. It will reimburse up to 80% of charges for tuition, room, board, on-campus medical fee, and the student activity fee for a student that needs to withdraw any time during the semester for any covered reason such as illness, injury or psychological condition. This coverage can be extremely beneficial should a student need to repeat lost academic credits after a medically necessary interruption in the student's education.

All students will be charged for Tuition Refund Insurance on the fall semester invoice in July based on our Comprehensive Fee. Room coverage is restricted to the standard residence hall (multiple-occupancy) fee and is not adjusted for variations in the student’s actual living arrangement.

To opt out of fall semester coverage, an online waiver must be completed by the student or parent prior to the first day of classes in August. Completing the waiver will cancel the insurance premium that is billed on the July 10 invoice. If a waiver is not completed the student will be enrolled in the TRP on the first day of fall semester classes. Students enrolling in the fall semester plan will be automatically enrolled in the plan for the spring semester. The premium for the spring semester will be billed on the spring semester invoice in December.

Complete details will be mailed from A.W.G. Dewar to the home address around the time of our fall semester tuition billing in July. To learn more about tuition insurance, call A.W.G Dewar and talk to a tuition insurance adviser directly at 617-774-1555.