Four Year Planning Guide

First Years: A Year of Self-Assessment

  • Meet with a Career Advisor; get acquainted with Career Planning's resources
  • Identify and assess your interests, skills, and values using SIGI and/or CareerBeam
  • Share your StrengthQuest results with a Career Advisor
  • Draft a resume and receive feedback from a Career Advisor
  • Pursue a summer job, internship, or volunteer opportunity related to your interests
  • Check-out What Do Wooster Grads Do with Their Major?

Sophomores: A Year of Exploration

  • Thoughtfully explore your choice of a major
  • Investigate potential career fields of interest
  • Talk with at least five individuals who are in your identified career fields of interest
  • Consider job shadowing alumni and others during academic breaks
  • Create a LinkedIN profile and request access to Alumni Groups
  • Update your resume
  • Pursue internships and summer options
  • Attend Sophomore Days during fall semester

Juniors: A Year of Investigation

  • Investigate employment and graduate/professional school options that fit your interests
  • Discuss your options with your faculty advisor and Career Planning
  • Get professional experience through an internship, research, or other experiences
  • Update your LinkedIN profile and request access to Alumni Groups
  • Polish your resume
  • Attend Junior Jump Start Week during spring semester

Seniors: A Year of Decision Making

  • Finalize your job/graduate school search plans
  • Research companies and organizations and the opportunities they offer
  • Participate in career fairs and on-campus recruitment
  • Professionalize your resume for post graduate plans
  • Practice your interviewing skills
  • Attend Professional Development Week in the fall and spring semesters