Explore Careers

Where should you begin?

There are two inportant tools to begin your career journey:

PathwayU – An online guidance platform connecting you to your greatest sense of purpose as you make choices throughout your education, career, and employment journey.  It will guide you to discover what makes you unique, explore education & career paths that align with your unique gifts, and map your education to career options where you are predicted to find purpose.  Share your results with an advisor in Career Planning.

Strengthsfinder – Do you remember completing a questionnaire before you started your first year at Wooster about your Strengths?  It is called the Clifton Strengthsfinder. You answered a series of questions about your preferred way of doing things focused on your innate abilities.  The results of this questionnaire identified your Top 5 Signature Talents.  Now it is time to go back and read through your results, watch the video for each talent, and make an appointment with a Career Planning advisor to create a plan to develop and grow your talents into Strengths!

What role does selecting a major play in constructing your career plan?

Most career fields do NOT require a specific major. Do your homework. Read the course descriptions required in the major(s) you are considering. Talk with the faculty within the department. Read about the I.S. topics covered by Wooster graduates. Find out what type of employment recent graduates have entered by major.

How do I learn about occupations that fit my career interests?

Learn about the nature of the work, educational requirements, working conditions, salary range, and future outlook.