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  1. Career Exploration helps you identify key characteristics about yourself by assessing your values, temperament, personality, skills, and talents culminating in a personalized career profile report.
  2. Career Planning allows you to create your personal career plan by identifying your ideal work environment, learn how to network, utilize social media and choose a career path.
  3. Getting The Job covers creating your Pitch, Resume, Cover Letters, Follow-Up, Practice Interviewing, and Job Postings. A "pitch" is your introduction statement (who you are and what you do), and this section has exercises to help you to create this introduction statement.
  4. Research Tools provides you with various search aides including People Search, Industry Reports, WorldWide Company Search, U.S. Company Search, a Salary Wizard, and E-Library (over 1,400 career resources in alphabetical order).
  5. Account is the section where you can personalize your search and manage your profile, such as documents, companies, job alerts, internships, contacts, and calendar.