Training & Workshops

CDI believes when a student has the opportunity to engage with our diverse community, they gain more than new friends and ways of celebrating culture. Their self-awareness and critical thinking skills increase. This unexpected gain then allows them to use these skills in the classroom or other co-curricular environments.

When discussing diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and general cultural competency, we recognize that every student needs to be met where they are. Aside from supporting programming efforts from student organizations and academic departments, CDI offers workshops and trainings to assist students that are interested in exploring and learning more. Although most of our trainings and workshops are geared towards our students, we do offer some staff and faculty opportunities to engage and increase their DEI knowledge. We’re happy to discuss to suggestions and/or options that will improve our services, feel free to email

Safe Zone is a campus-wide program to provide a welcoming environment for all gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations. Safe Zone establishes an identifiable network of individuals who agree to challenge oppression, promote an atmosphere of respect, and serve as a safe space in our community.

CDI staff members annually facilitate trainings and workshops for Residence Assistants, Admissions tour guides, STEM Zone interns as well as Student Government Association and Campus Council.

Each year students have the opportunity to attend the annual Great Lakes Conference Association (GLCA) Students of Color Leadership Conference. A group of students travel each fall to the host institution and engage in dialogue, student facilitated presentations and social events. The 2018 conference will be held at Albion College. Staff from the MSA branch will share information on how to sign up for this no-cost opportunity by early October.