Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

We seek to provide the best possible dining experiences in support of students, faculty, and staff in our collective endeavor to prosper as a distinguished liberal arts college that graduates independent thinkers.

Mission Statement

As a significant auxiliary operation of the College, we seek actively to support the College's strategic objectives:

To Fulfill the College's Mission with Distinction:

By supporting the Community of Learners through:

  • Offering an attractive dining experience for students, staff, and faculty.
  • Supporting student programs through the provision of special meals geared to their interest.
  • Supporting administrative functions by catering meals in venues outside of the normal dining spaces.
  • Providing healthy dining options, nutritional information, and ingredient statements so people can make choices.

By educating those dining with us by encouraging them to explore a wider array of cultural, ethnic, and healthy culinary experiences.

By being a campus leader in sustainability with the food and services we offer and the business practices that we employ.

By employing a diverse workforce that understands and supports the mission of Dining Services.

To Strengthen the Foundation of The College:

  • By operating as efficiently as we can while maintaining an attractive dining experience for students, staff, and faculty.
  • By generating auxiliary income by serving external groups.

To Sustain our Mission-Oriented Momentum:

  • By seeking regularly to communicate information about current food trends and services while actively gathering information about changing customer needs in order to look for opportunities for continual improvement.
  • By fostering a community in which our employees and customers are encouraged to offer their input regarding ways to improve policies, procedures, and services.

The College of Wooster Campus Dining Services department is the College's independently owned and operated food service provider. Campus Dining Services Employees are employed by The College of Wooster and are not affiliated in any way with a food service company.