Nutrition Information & Special Diets

The College of Wooster Campus Dining Services Department is committed to offering students the best in variety and balance in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredient information is posted for each menu item at Lowry Center dining hall. Our variety of foods makes it possible for individuals to find choices whether they are vegan, vegetarian, on a restricted diet, or require specific foods due to religious practices.

Information regarding nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices is available through the following links:

**Nutrition information on specific Campus Dining menu items is available upon request.

Special Diet Information

The College of Wooster Campus Dining Services team makes every attempt to accommodate students with special dietary needs or food allergies. These students are encouraged to meet with our Director of Campus Dining Services in order to discuss their individual situation and possible menu solutions. Campus Dining Services offers the following accommodations for Vegan, Vegetarian, Wheat-free, Soy-free and Gluten-free diets as well as those seeking healthy lifestyle choices:

  • Ingredient and nutrition information is posted with menu items
  • Vegetarian and vegan selections are available at each meal
  • Some seasonal vegetables and fruits are used from local growers
  • Brown rice and hot beans are available at lunch and dinner
  • Low fat cottage cheese and yogurt are always available along with at least three fresh fruits
  • Salad dressing choices feature a wide variety of high quality dressings, including light, gluten-free, fat-free choices and oil and vinegar
  • Fat free, no-sugar-added ice cream novelties and vegan Italian Ice is available every day
  • Whole grain breads, wheat wraps and gluten free breads are available for sandwiches
  • Gluten-free products including pancakes, waffles, pizza crust, pasta, cereal and bagels are available
  • Wheat-free soy sauce and teriyaki is available for Stir Fry
  • Olive oil/canola oil blend is used for cooking
  • Trans Fat Free frying oil is used for frying and all frying oil is recycled for use as fuel.
  • Trans-Fat Free Grill Shortening is used for cooking
  • Nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, craisins and dried fruit is available to use as toppings for salads and desserts
  • Nut-free, soy-free and gluten-free desserts are available
  • Fresh eggs, whole liquid egg and no-cholesterol egg whites are available at the Eggs All Day Station in Lowry Dining Hall
  • 2% milk is used in all recipes
  • Alternative milks include soy, almond, rice and lactose-free milk
  • Soy-cheeses are available at the Lowry Deli Station and are also used in Vegan recipes at Lowry Center dining hall
  • Vegetables are steamed without oil or butter, unless indicated
  • We do not add MSG to any recipes

Students with food allergies or those seeking ADA dietary accommodations should view our information on disability accommodations and procedures. Please contact Amber Larson with any questions about the process.