Where can I use meal plan swipes and flex?  Is there a difference?

Flex dollars can be used to pay for meals and food items at all dining locations.

Swipes can only be used at the following locations:

  • Lowry Dining Hall
  • Kittredge Dining Hall for Soup and Bread and Fourth Meals
  • Pop’s Sandwich Stop
  • Mom’s, as a $7.50 equivalence Monday through Friday between 11am and 8pm
  • The Knowlton Café as a $7.50 equivalence

What does “equivalence” mean?

When using a swipe equivalence at the Knowlton Café or at Mom’s (only Monday through Friday between 11am and 8pm), you add up the cost of the items you are purchasing.  If the amount is under $7.50, one swipe will cover the purchase. If the amount is over $7.50, but not more than $15.00, you may use two swipes, or use flex dollars, cash, COW card funds or a credit/debit card to complete the transaction.

How do I check my balance of remaining COW card funds, meal swipes or flex dollars?

You can create a GET account by registering online hereEnter your ten-digit ID number (located on the back of your COW Card under the bar code) and your name (as it appears on your ID), then you will then be prompted to create and enter a password. Once you have registered you can check balances and add money to your COW debit account instantly using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express). A convenience fee is applicable for each transaction. You may also ask the cashier at any student dining location (Lowry, Mom’s, MacLeod’s, Old Main Café, and the Knowlton Cafe) and they can swipe your card and print your balance for you.

What is the price different between meal plans A , B, and C?

There is no price difference between plans A, B, and C. All three meal plans cost the same.

What is the cost of Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner if i should run out of meal swipes?

For students, the reduced cost of Breakfast at Lowry is $5.50 + tax; Lunch is $7.50 + tax; and Dinner is $9.00 + tax. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner can be purchased using Flex Dollars, COW Card debit, cash/debit cards.

Do any of the meal plans allow for carry-out from Lowry dining hall?

Yes, all meal plans allow for carry-out from Lowry using the approved greencontainers provided by the cashiers. You may not remove china, flatware or tumblers from the dining hall, and the use of zip lock bags or “Tupperware” is not allowed.

Can I purchase food or meals for my friends or family?

Yes, all plans allow you to use your ID to purchase meals in Lowry using Flex Dollars or Meal Swipes, as well as purchasing food at Mom’s, MacLeod’s, Old Main Café and the Knowlton Café.

Are Flex Dollars and COW Card debit money the same?

No, Flex Dollars are related directly to your meal plan and can be used for student dining only at Lowry, Mom’s, MacLeod’s, the Knowlton Café and Old Main Café. When you activate your COW Card debit account, you “load” the account with an amount of money you choose ($25 is the minimum initial deposit). COW Card debit money can be used for purchases at all retail establishments on campus including the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore, vending, Underground, and all dining locations.

How do early arrivals, such as first-year students, athletes, and other college approved groups figure into the meal plans?

The meal plan choices do not begin until lunch the day before classes begin each semester. Students who are  to be on campus prior to that meal will be assigned a different plan allowing them to eat in the dining halls only, with one meal swipe per meal period.