Call for Proposals

Students are invited to apply for funding in amounts from $50 to $1500 for Experiential Learning activities such as creating or attending programs, workshops, retreats, etc., related to vocational exploration and/or career development.

Individuals or groups may apply, however, the more people the proposal can impact, either directly or indirectly (such as through sharing the experience once back on campus), the more favorably the application will be viewed. A brief report from all participants and photos documenting the experience are required.

Please see Funding FAQs for details on what is fundable and how to receive award monies. APEX encourages students interested in applying for a Mini Grant to talk to a staff member beforehand, either by coming to Walk-in Wednesdays (weekly, 1:30 - 4:00 in APEX) or by making an appointment - contact

Definition & Purpose

As we use the term vocational exploration in APEX, we focus on the notion of developing one’s talents and capabilities to good-effect in choosing and enjoying a meaningful career. The intent of the mini grants is to provide students the opportunity to explore vocational interests that without funding might go undeveloped.

Application Deadlines and Information

Applications will be accepted three times over the 2018-2019 academic year. Each application pool has approximately $3,500 available to award. Applications and all supporting documentation should be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on:

  • Friday, September 14
  • Friday, November 30
  • Friday, February 8

Wooster Faculty and Staff are invited to apply at this time, too.

When applying, please consider the following:

Mini Grant funds

  • are intended to provide students the ability to explore new vocational or career opportunities.
  • are generally not awarded to support student conference attendance to present research (for details on Mini Grant conference support, please see student funding FAQ's).
  • do not reimburse expenses for activities completed before grant awards are announced (this is for liability purposes).
  • generally do not cover the cost of food and beverages unless it is an integral part of the experience. For example, the Mini Grants committee could consider funding or partially funding inviting a subject expert to meet with you for a coffee or a meal, or hosting an event to celebrate with community partners, to name a couple.  Alcoholic beverages are never covered.
  • awarded to seniors must be used, reimbursed, and reported prior to graduation.

APEX recommends coordinating transportation arrangements requiring use of College-owned or rental vehicles through Transportation Team Leader, Linda Hans, whenever possible.

All Mini Grant recipients must submit a signed release of liability form prior to beginning their Mini Grant activity.

Within two weeks of completing the experiences, students must submit to Krista Martin in APEX, room 044B:

  • A report (approx. 500 words) reflecting on the impact of the experience
  • 3-4 photos of themselves engaged in the Mini Grant activity
  • An accounting of expenses, complete with itemized receipts.

Preview the student application (.pdf).


Open to all students in all majors who are in

  • good academic standing
  • good standing under The College of Wooster’s Codes of Academic Integrity and Social Responsibility

Project Proposals

Please see the student application for exact proposal requirements. Proposals should:

  • Describe what you are going to do
  • Identify how the experience will address your vocational or career exploration
  • Propose questions that will be examined over the course of the experience
  • Outline a plan for an on-campus component based on what was learned from the experience. The more specific the plan is, accompanied by verification, the stronger the proposal.

Project Mentoring

All student applications must be accompanied with support from a College of Wooster faculty or staff mentor through the Mentor Support Form.

Examples of Past Funded Mini Grant Proposals

Mini Grant projects can occur within an almost infinite number of forms. To give an idea how Mini Grants can be crafted, consider these examples:

  • One student was funded to take a certification course in Wilderness First Aid and CPR to prepare them for both career and internship opportunities doing field work, as well as to enhance the student's role as an outdoors leader on campus
  • Each coming to their interests in work in urban issues from different summer experiences, three students attended the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Summit on Sustainability. They all chose to focus on opportunities in the field of public transportation.
  • Five students visited New York City over spring break for an exploration of opportunities in the arts. Using staff and faculty connections with alumni and other professionals, they engaged in a variety of unique experiences which provided them with insight about different paths they can take working with the arts after college.
  • One student attended the poetry section of the Kenyon Review's Writers Workshop. During the week the student participated in an intensive study of reading, writing, and discussing original poetic pieces.

Selection and Notification

All applications will be reviewed by the Mini Grants committee. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance status within two weeks of the application deadline. Only complete applications will be considered.

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