For Parents

Sending your student off-campus for a semester may seem scary, but typically it is a time of tremendous learning and growth for them. Research indicates that study abroad reaps significant personal, academic, and career benefits.

Why Global Education?

The Global Engagement Office may seem biased in touting study abroad as the best experience a student can have, but the numbers don’t lie. Several studies have been published on various benefits of study abroad, such as: 

Career Impact

  • 93% of study abroad students were employed within 6 months of graduation (1)
  • 89% of those continuing to graduate school earned admission into their first or second choice school (1)
  • Study abroad students earn on average $6,000 more in starting salaries compared to peers who don’t study abroad (3)
  • 76% of study abroad students reported they acquired skill sets while studying abroad that influenced their career path (2)

Personal Development

  • 97% of students reported that studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity (2)
  • 96% indicated that it increased self-confidence (2)
  • 95 % stated that is has had a long-lasting impact on their world view

Academic Commitment

  • 87% of students claimed that studying abroad had a positive impact on subsequent educational experiences (2)
  • 86% said that it reinforced commitment to study foreign language (2)
  • 80% reported an enhanced interest in academic study (2)

Increasingly, too, employers are looking for the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are gained through an experience abroad. GEO’s developmental advising approach and pre-departure program prepares students to gain a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, to become more tolerant of ambiguity, and better prepared to face challenges in the future. All of these make each study abroad student more equipped to live their best life after graduating from Wooster!

Can I afford to send my student abroad?

This is the number one question GEO gets from parents, understandably so! Please refer to our Billing Policies for detailed information on how the payment for off-campus study works and contact GEO with any questions. Although we abide by FERPA regulations, we can speak with you in general terms and help you understand where to find costs of specific programs. The costs of programs are outlined in our Endorsed Program List, and on the program providers’ webpages.


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