Alcohol and Drugs

College lifestyle can include a component of experimentation and use of alcohol and other substances. People can choose, for many different reasons, to use alcohol or other substances sometimes as a release to “blow off steam” from academic stressors, socializing, or just having fun.

When it becomes a problem

For most, use is in moderation and does not become pervasive. However, it is important to understand that there can be negative consequences to use, either using for the wrong reasons (using it as an escape from problems or to avoid undesirable circumstances), inability to regulate their own limits, disregard for legality (i.e. despite your personal beliefs about marijuana or other substances, there still may be legal consequences for use), or addiction.

Local AA and NA Meetings

If you are seeking support in maintaining sobriety, please check the local listing of AA and NA Meetings provided by One Eighty.

Things to consider

Some things to consider if you are unsure if substances have become an issue for you:

  1. Does it take more and more of a substances to get a buzz or high?
  2. Have you tried to cut back and been unable to do so?
  3. Does the recovery time take longer?
  4. Has it negatively affected your relationships? School work?
  5. Do you have legal circumstances related to use?
  6. Have you used more than you planned to?
  7. Have you or people around you noticed a change in mood?
  8. Do you minimize your use to others?

Appropriate limits

There are multiple scenarios in which substances use can be part of social situations in an appropriate way, try these tips to maintain that you are being proactive about your wellbeing:

  1. Set your own limit for where you want to feel comfortable for the evening, BEFORE you go out.
  2. Plan ahead for downtime (there are going to be plenty of opportunities for relaxing with friends, make sure that you are aware of that paper due first thing in the morning).
  3. Drink plenty of water and snack.
  4. Make sure you trust individuals you are around (not just for physical safety, but also because you don’t want that picture posted online the next morning from your frienemy).
  5. Have a plan to check in with someone
  6. Be willing to let someone cut you off and hold you accountable