Employment Paperwork

You will be required to fill out tax forms and other employment paperwork prior to beginning employment with The College of Wooster. Please contact the Human Resources office at 330-263-2526 to set up an appointment on or before your first day of work.

To prepare for your appointment, please follow these instructions: 

  1. While completing these forms please use your full legal name as it appears on your social security card.
  2. Use your permanent home address when completing these forms. If you are moving to the Wooster area, please wait to complete these forms until you’ve established a Wooster address.
  3. Print each form and sign (only print page 7 & 8 of the I-9 and page 1 of the W-4).
  4. For the State of Ohio form, please refer to the document “Ohio Public School District”. Once you locate your county, school district and your school number, you will record the information in the fields marked Public school district of residence and School district number. You will also use this number when completing the Public School District Withholding form.
  5. When completing the Direct Deposit form, you can obtain the appropriate information from a voided check or a deposit slip that has the ABA routing number and account number on it. Direct deposit is mandatory.
  6. Be prepared to present your original forms of identification for I-9 verification. (Acceptable forms of identification are listed on page 9 of the I-9 form).

International Employees – All international staff will need to make an appointment upon arrival with the Human Resources office to complete paperwork. Please bring these documents: original social security card or receipt for social security card indicating that a card has been requested, passport, visa, I-20, I-94

Every new employee will complete forms in each of the following:

Required Forms