Downtown – you can WALK there!

Make sure you explore historic downtown Wooster (see map (.pdf)) and enjoy our locally-owned coffee shops, restaurants, and wine bars as well as many small, local businesses and shops.

The North End of Wooster

You can also find Panera, Chipotle or Starbucks among other popular chain restaurants in the city's contemporary North End, just two miles from campus.

See an interactive map of Wooster and surrounding areas.

City shuttles

Wooster Hospitality Transit (WHT)
Phone: 330-601-1616
Show your College ID and ride for FREE!

Wooster Hospitality Transit connects area residents with the incredible amenities that the city of Wooster has to offer.

WHT maintains two routes per day to various locations throughout Wooster. The shuttle schedule and routes are also available at Lowry Center.


Wooster Express (local)
Phone: 330-202-9000
Discount for CoW students

Jim Fraley
Phone: 330 466-2810

Miller Cab (local)
Phone: 330 262-8294

Bringing a car or bicycle to campus?

Any student who wishes to drive or park a vehicle on college property must register his or her vehicle with Security & Protective Services and display a valid permit.