Wooster International Immersion Seminar

COVID-19 Update

We have made the decision to hold the Wooster International Immersion Seminar (WIIS) virtually this summer from August 3-11, 2020! While we are disappointed we won’t be able to welcome WIIS participants in person this year, we are very excited to be able to make this program available to as many international first-year students as possible. The virtual format will allow students in any part of the world to engage in the material, participate in class activities, and begin creating a Wooster community. Even in a virtual format, this year’s WIIS still offers several advantages, including:

  • Authentic experience of what to expect in a Wooster classroom and intensive preparation for a U.S. academic and social environment
  • The chance to talk with other students, professors, and advisors and practice effective virtual communication methods
  • Concentrations available in Academic English Skills and Critical Academic Skills

After successful completion of this year’s virtual WIIS, students will receive 0.25 academic credits (=1/4 semester class) that will count toward the 32 credits required for graduation. We strongly encourage you to register for this program to begin building your community and support network that will help you be connected to Wooster and navigate any challenges you may encounter in your first semester!

Early Adjustment to COW

International students, begin your adventure at the College of Wooster with our Wooster International Immersion Seminar! This program is designed to intensely prepare international students for the transition into an American college setting. Students will develop academic, social, and cultural skills and insights that will help them make deep and early connections with their college classes and community.

International students who take this seminar will:

  • Earn 0.25 course credits (¼ semester course) upon successful completion
  • Concentrate in either Critical Academic Skills or Academic English Skills
  • Meet and talk with Wooster professors
  • Make connections with new Wooster friends before your first semester
  • Be introduced to the American college system and expectations
  • Practice various academic skills, such as writing college-level papers and reading class materials
  • Understand how to interact with American peers and Wooster professors
  • Learn about available resources at Wooster
  • Gain confidence for starting college life
  • Have an advantage for their first year GPA

Who should attend?

The Wooster International Immersion Seminar can benefit any new Wooster international student! Students whose most recent TOEFL score is below 96 or whose IELTS score is below 7 are strongly encouraged to register for this program and concentrate in Academic English Skills. Students with test scores above TOEFL 95 or IELTS 7 are also welcome to apply and concentrate in Critical Academic Skills. If TOEFL or IELTS scores are not available, students must contact Carla Reyes for English language assessment instructions.

Program Fee

The $550 fee for this year's virtual WIIS includes tuition and fees. This fee will be added to your student bill in the fall.

Enroll in the WIIS!

Other (Semi-Random) Details You Need to Know

The Wooster International Immersion Seminar is held immediately before International Student Orientation, which is mandatory for students who are non-immigrant visa holders (both students and language assistants) and global nomads.


For questions about the class, contact Carla Reyes.

Important Dates

Wooster International Immersion Seminar
Program Dates
August 3-11, 2020
Deadline to Complete your WIIS Enrollment July 31