Academic Skill Development

If any of that sounds like you, the Learning Center can help.

Whether you are a freshman trying to sort out college life or a senior designing your I.S., our caring, professional staff members can help you discover new strategies to meet the ever-increasing challenges you are facing at the College of Wooster. Make an appointment to discuss your individual learning goals.

Here are some items that are typically discussed during one-on-one meetings at the Learning Center:

Time Management

  • Calendar planning (by the day, week, month and/or semester)
  • Time audits (“Where is all that time going?”)
  • Academic and co-curricular life balance (“Do I have time to join another club?”)

Conquering Your Courses

  • Organization of course materials
  • Note taking
  • Reading strategies
  • Managing major assignments one step at a time

Test Preparation

  • Study skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Exam preparation

Academic Goal Setting

  • Short-term (“Get me through this week, please!”)
  • Mid-term (“How can this be my best semester yet?”)
  • Long-term (“How am I going to be an amazing student at the College of Wooster?!”)

I.S. Organization and Management

  • Creating a plan
  • Setting goals and mini-deadlines
  • Building confidence and managing the I.S. stress! (Yes, we can help!)
    - P.S. Free encouragement and cheerleading!

Academic tools for skill development:

Web Plugins

For students using Google Chrome and searching for plugins to help with text-to-speech, readability, reading comprehension, focus, and navigation, the Learning Center recommends reading the following article to find tools that might help you:


Advising Worksheets

Study Tips

Exam Preparation Supports

Schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your academic goals!