Academic Skill Development

Overwhelmed? Stressed? Struggling to keep up with your coursework? Or maybe you are managing your classes just fine, but you want to get even more out of your college experience.

If any of that sounds like you, the Learning Center can help.

Whether you are a freshman trying to sort out college life or a senior designing your I.S., our caring, professional staff members can help you discover new strategies to meet the ever-increasing challenges you are facing at the College of Wooster. Make an appointment to discuss your individual learning goals.

Here are some items that are typically discussed during one-on-one meetings at the Learning Center:

Time Management

  • Calendar planning (by the day, week, month and/or semester)
  • Time audits (“Where is all that time going?”)
  • Academic and co-curricular life balance (“Do I have time to join another club?”)

Conquering Your Courses

  • Organization of course materials
  • Note taking
  • Reading strategies
  • Managing major assignments one step at a time

Test Preparation

  • Study skills
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Exam preparation

Academic Goal Setting

  • Short-term (“Get me through this week, please!”)
  • Mid-term (“How can this be my best semester yet?”)
  • Long-term (“How am I going to be an amazing student at the College of Wooster?!”)

I.S. Organization and Management

  • Creating a plan
  • Setting goals and mini-deadlines
  • Building confidence and managing the I.S. stress! (Yes, we can help!)
    - P.S. Free encouragement and cheerleading!

Academic tools for skill development:

Web Plugins

For students using Google Chrome and searching for plugins to help with text-to-speech, readability, reading comprehension, focus, and navigation, the Learning Center recommends reading the following article to find tools that might help you:


Advising Worksheets

Study Tips

Exam Preparation Supports

Schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your academic goals!