Current Students with Approved Accommodations

Spring 2021 COVID-19 Announcement:  

Whether or not you are learning in-person, hybrid, or remotely, academic accommodations remain in effect for the Spring of 2021. If you are a first-year student, don’t forget to attend your assigned accommodation meeting to review your potential academic accommodations. If you are a Sophomore, Junior or Senior, please review the instructions listed below on renewing your accommodations.  

Spring 2021 Testing Accommodations Notification:  

Testing in the Learning Center will look different this fall as we continue to work to provide a safe location for students to test in. Additionally, many professors have let us know that they will be using different forms of assessment rather than traditional in-person tests. Please review your syllabus carefully to identify what kind of assessments you will have.  

  1. Instructions for taking an exam in the Learning Center: Test booking procedures will remain as normal, and weekly reminder/instruction emails will send to students who have testing accommodations on file. If you have a professor that will be giving an in-person, paper exam during normal class time and you want to take the exam in the Learning Center, you must register to take the exam 2 business days prior to the exam. You may also be asked to take the exam at a different time than the regular class period. This is to help ensure reduced density in the testing space. Please note: during the first two weeks of remote instruction only, the Learning Center will not be proctoring any exams.  
  2. Instructions for timed online exams: If you are taking an online exam that is timed (i.e. 50 minutes or 120 minutes), you must email your faculty member 2 business days before the exam to request that they change your time via Moodle. Please remind your faculty on how much extra time you receive (1.5X/2X). Faculty will be able to verify this information via their ClockWork Academic Accommodations Notification Email.  
  3. Instructions for untimed online exams: If you are taking an online exam that is not timed, you do not need to notify anyone of the need for accommodations unless the accommodations are for something other than extended time.  

If you have been approved for academic accommodations through the Learning Center, you will need to update our office at the beginning of each semester via the Accommodation Renewal Form below.

For a tutorial on how to renew your Academic Accomodations, please refer to the College of Wooster ClockWork Portal Student Tutorial.