Financing & Billing


All students that study off-campus on an approved program will be billed The College of Wooster’s tuition amount of $25,775 (amount effective Fall 2019/Spring 2020), unless the off-campus program’s tuition amount is higher. The higher amount will be billed. Once The College of Wooster receives the off-campus program invoice, students will be billed for any non-tuition expenses billed to Wooster. This could include room, meals, insurance, travel, and all other non-tuition items. These items will be billed to the student upon receipt of the invoice from the off-campus program to Wooster. These charges may be billed to the student separately from the semester invoice. The program may bill the student directly for any or all of the non-tuition expenses. The student will receive credit on the Wooster invoice for any non-refundable deposits paid to the program. Pre-session courses and Homestay housing options may incur additional fees. These fees may be billed directly to the student and the student will make payment to the program. Exception: Students enrolling in Global Student Teaching will pay all GST fees plus the Wooster Off-Campus Study administrative fee of $100. GST students are not eligible for Wooster financial aid. Please contact the Business Office at 330-263-2321 with any billing related questions.

Administrative Fee

An Off-Campus Study administrative fee of $643 (amount effective Fall 2019/Spring 2020) which is equal to 1% of the Wooster comprehensive fee will be assessed to defray the cost of arranging Wooster's participation in the program, granting course credit for the program, maintaining the student's registration records, coordinating the billing and payment of fees, and carrying out other administrative tasks related to the program.

Program Deposit

Students are responsible for paying deposits to their off-campus program. The amount of the deposit will be deducted from the final tuition bill from Wooster.

Financial Aid

Students participating in off-campus study programs endorsed by Wooster remain registered at the College in absentia and all of their financial aid (except, of course, work-study) can support their off-campus study expenses: merit scholarships, need-based grants, federal and state aid; private educational loans; prepaid tuition plan withdrawals, etc. Need-based aid applicants should note their off-campus study program on the Wooster aid application and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as normal.

Please consult the Business Office for more personalized information concerning your financial aid package.

In addition to the scholarships and financial aid information above, check with your program to see if they offer need- or merit-based scholarships. Note: beware of any organization that charges you a fee for either a scholarship search or an application.

Study Abroad Scholarships

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