Staying Connected

You probably have thought a lot about how you expect your off-campus experience will change your life on a personal, academic and professional level.  Not just this semester, but throughout your life, take every opportunity you are given to expand your cultural horizons through cultural events, travel, and meeting those of different backgrounds.  Above all, try to remain open and flexible – your journey through life will be easier and richer as a result!

  • Talk with professors, other returnees, the Director and/or the Program Coordinator of Off-Campus Studies, Campus Ministries, or the counselors at the Wellness Center.
  • Become involved with global, international, and intercultural events on campus through APEX, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, C3, the Office of International Student Affairs and the International Student Association, the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, language houses, and the various cultural and international student associations.
  • Plan to take classes that involve an aspect of your off-campus experience, or language classes. Try to integrate your experience into your I.S.
  • Attend Wooster Reintegration Events: OCS Returnee Event, and OCS volunteer opportunities.
  • Visit Career Services to find out how you can use the experiences you had in your graduate school or employment search.