Returning to Campus

Keeping Your Experience Alive

"It's the same, but it has really changed."
- Returnee comment about Wooster at Spring '06 Returnee Dinner

Returning to Wooster may in some ways be more difficult than your off-campus study experience. You may have developed in different directions than you expected, and you may wish for some help thinking about the implications of your experience on your personal, social, academic, and career life. If so, be sure to check out OCS Returnee activities, and don't hesitate to talk with your professors, friends, or staff in the OCS office or at the Wellness Center and APEX.

Off-Campus Study Returnee Events and Deadlines include:

  • Returnee Workshops: These are informal events where you can chat about your OCS experiences and your transition back to campus with other OCS returnees.
  • Returnee Photo Contest:  Select 5 of your best photos and submit them to the OCS email account by the 3rd Friday of the semester following your off-campus study in order to be considered for the contest.  Winners will be displayed on the Lowry Art Wall and receive a small prize. See the photo contest submission rules for more information.
  • Completion of the returnee Program Evaluation.  This evaluation helps future students and OCS in evaluating your program, and assists you in reflecting on your experience.  You must submit this form by the 3rd Friday of the semester of your return to campus. Failure to do so will result in a hold on your registration.
  • Revise your e-portfolio with a reflective essay responding to your application essay questions, and your updated resume.
  • Volunteer with OCS: We are always looking for volunteers to help out at OCS events or speak on panels.  Remember when you were preparing for your off-campus study and how great it was to talk with returnees?  Help prepare future participants for their off-campus experiences. Contact us if you would like to help out!

Returnee Requirement

Remember: According to the Exit and Re-entry Agreement you signed on your OCS application, you must complete the Program Evaluation by the 3rd Friday of the semester following your off-campus study. You must also update your e-portfolio to include a reflection on your application essays and your revised resume.