Fall, Thanksgiving, Spring Break Housing

Staying on Campus?

There are no forms you need to fill out or registration required. As always, there will be Resident Assistant staff on call throughout the break, and doing walkthroughs in the evening hours.  Security will also be available during break periods.

Dining facilities will be open and students will be able to use meal swipes and flex. The hours for Lowry will be shortened and some days only Mom's will be open. 

Since the College will remain open for the break, there will not be deep cleaning in the houses by custodial like there was during Winter Break.

Leaving Campus?

If you are not staying over break, for the protection of your property, please be certain to complete the following tasks before leaving for the break:

  • Remove all belongings from common areas
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Turn off the lights
  • Take out your trash
  • Lock your door

Please remember that the College cannot be responsible for loss or damage to clothing and personal effects in your room, storage areas, or public areas.

Be sure to take with you everything you might need over the break.