Summer & Winter Break Housing Information

Tuition paid for board does not include Winter and Summer break periods. Students may apply for break housing during these periods. Typically, only a select number of halls will remain open during Winter Break. Students are expected to work with others in the on-campus community to secure housing and complete the online forms provided on the Residence Life webpage.  Students will not be asked to find temporary housing for Winter Break 20-21 and will remain in their current fall housing assignments. 

Winter Break 2020-2021 Information 

All Residence Halls and Houses will close for Fall Semester at 10am on Wednesday, November 25th.  Students should plan to leave campus for Winter Break before that time.  
All students will be required to leave campus for Winter Break.  There will be no exceptions made for campus employment or academic permissions granted during this time. Athletics for the NCAC has been postponed until after January 1, 2021. When a decision about winter athletics is made, we will use this information to determine housing athletes as appropriate.  
Due to the limited resources and the uncertainty of what December, and early January will bring, we have limited flexibility to allow students to stay past 10am on Wednesday, November 25th. Students who need to seek housing during the winter break period will need to apply and receive approval.  
Winter Break will be broken up into two segments.  Students can apply to stay either for the whole break, or until after finals are finished.  Students must apply and be approved for either scenario.  If you are approved to stay on campus through finals, you must leave campus by noon on December 8th.  Students staying until finals week is finished will not be charged.  Students approved to stay for the whole break, will be billed $300 to their student account in February.   
To apply to stay past November 25th at 10am, please go to Applications on your Housing Self Service page.  Applications are due on November 13, 2020 at 12 pm. 

Decisions for approval will be based on the following criteria: 
           - Independent students who do not have any other place to stay during this time.  
           - Students whose personal safety would be compromised and they have no other place to stay
             during this time.  
           - International students who are not able to return home and have nowhere to stay in the
             United States  
           - Other compelling needs/hardships as approved. 

There will not be a prorated, or daily option, for winter break. Students should not plan to travel during this time and will need to remain on campus throughout the break.. The current Community Care Agreement guidelines currently in place will be continued through all of winter break housing. 
Students who elect to stay for Winter Break may choose a dining option. The fee will be $1,000 and will not be prorated. Dining options will be limited; however, the plan includes a $200 card to Buehler’s so students are able to purchase food between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day when dining staff will not be working for the holiday. The meal plan will not be mandatory.

Summer Break Housing

More Information will be available for Summer Break Housing 2021 housing in April.