Waitlist & Room Change

Housing Wait List

Room change requests can be made by placing your name on the housing wait list form (on Housing Self-Service under Room Selection and then Room Change Request).   If you are interested in being added to the Single Room waitlist, you will also go to Housing Self Service and then to More Tasks.  You are added to a wait list based on the date and time of completion. You are free to make these requests throughout the semester. As space becomes available, you'll be contacted and provided with further instructions. You will be offered a room based on the information and preferences you provide. If you choose not to accept the room you are offered your name will be removed and you will need to apply again.

Actual room changes begin and end as listed below. Room changes are granted based on the order in which they are received and the availability of space. The College reserves the right to alter priorities for students on the waitlist on a case-by-case basis.

2nd Monday of the Fall semester
Fall semester room change process begins

12th Monday of the Fall semester
Fall semester room change process ends

3rd Monday of the Spring semester
Spring semester room change process begins

12th Monday of the Spring semester
Spring semester room change process ends

Room Change Policy

The Residence Life staff encourages students with roommate concerns to begin with their Resident Assistant to talk about ways to communicate concerns and work toward mutual collaboration and resolution. Should the mediation process, which includes constructing a Roommate Agreement document, not be successful in creating a collaborative living arrangement, then the student can meet with either the Senior Resident Assistant or Assistant Director to discuss additional strategies. Additionally, a student may meet with the Housing Coordinator to discuss room change options.

The student with a concern is typically the party to move.

All Students seeking to change their housing assignment must complete a Room Change Application and be approved before making the change. Residents who complete an unauthorized housing room change may lose their preferred housing assignment, be required to relocate, be charged a fine, and/or be subject to conduct action. Students whose assignment changes are authorized at the end of the fall semester for spring semester housing must vacate their current assignment prior to leaving The College of Wooster campus at the end of the semester.

Room Changes will be considered, based on available space, after the first two weeks of the beginning of the semester. There is also a room change freeze during the last two weeks of classes and during the Winter Break.  Once a student has chosen a room during Spring Semester Room Selection, there is a room change freeze until after the Fall Semester room change process begins the 2nd Monday of the semester. 

Students are not given the option of maintaining a room as a single when a space becomes available in the room and should expect that the vacant space will be reassigned.  Students will be notified when a vacancy occurs and given 72 hours from that notification to fill the vacant space(s) in the room. 

Residence Life will complete all administrative steps and inform the student seeking the room change of the decision regarding their Room Change Application. If the room change request is approved, Residence Life will send the student seeking a room change, student receiving a roommate, student losing a roommate, and the Residence Life Staff involved, an email informing all parties of the approval and the dates of when the move should be completed.  Within this email, Residence Life will provide step by step instructions to the student moving what the process is and when the steps should be taken. Residence Life will also include in this e-mail information on how the student moving must report to Campus Access for keys or card access changes.  When possible, staff should give parties involved in the move 24 hours’ notice of the room change.

Once the student moving has completed the physical move, the student is responsible for completing the checkout process with their old RA and the check-in process with their new RA. Failure to complete the Room Condition Report will result in Improper Check Out/ In Fee of $100. Students have 72 hours to complete both physical moves and all related paperwork once a room change has been approved by Residence Life unless otherwise granted an extension.

When doing a room change students may be assessed additional housing charges if the move is from a room with a lower housing rate to one with a higher rate (i.e. double to a single).  On the contrary, if the move is from a room with a higher housing rate to one with a lower rate (i.e. house to a double room), the student will receive a credit. If students have questions related to how your room change may affect their billing, they should contact the Financial Aid and/or Business Office.