Debit Card

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A debit card account is distinct from a credit card. When you activate your debit account, you “load” the account with the amount of money you choose. That money can then be used for purchases at various on-campus locations. Rather than use cash, a check, or a credit card for the purchase, you simply present your C.O.W. Card and it is “swiped” like a credit card. The amount of your purchase is deducted from your debit account balance.

Your account balance must be equal to or exceed the cost of a purchase for the transaction to be authorized.

On-Campus Locations

  • Locations and Menus
  • Vending Machines
  • Common Grounds
  • The Florence O. WIlson Bookstore
  • Keys & ID’s
  • Lowry Front Desk
  • The Registrar
  • Security
  • The Student Wellness Center

Activate a Debit Card Account

Download the GET app for iPhone or Android, or register online on the GET website.

Enter your ID number (located on the back of your COW Card under the barcode all 10 digits) and name (as it appears on your ID).

Add money to your account instantly by:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express). A convenience fee is applicable for each transaction.
  • Check, made payable to The College of Wooster. 
    NOTE: This method requires a waiting period of two (2) business days following receipt of payment before your account may be used.)
  • $10 deposit minimum.

During or after Semester I check-in, you may take your C.O.W. Card to the Florence O. Wilson Bookstore Financial Services Counter and make a minimum $10 deposit to the account via cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.)

Deactivate a Debit Card Account

A C.O.W. Card account is essentially deactivated when the balance drops to zero. A refund may be requested for a $10 processing fee. Refund Request forms (.pdf) are available online or at the Campus Dining Services Administrative Office. Unexpended funds are held in the C.O.W. Card account for the duration of enrollment or employment at The College of Wooster. Students who elect to deactivate the account while still enrolled at the College will be charged a $10 processing fee.